"The bodies' innate ability to heal itself, and the continuous positive changes to my health and wellbeing are what inspire me to teach meditation."



Kari is committed to meditation. She lives simply and consciously. A self proclaimed extroverted introvert, her love of people and creating connections come natural, but it is her passion for knowledge and creating a healthier way of living & being that give her purpose.  

Kari teaches a modern technique, based on ancient wisdom, in a way that is achievable and effective for all people to learn. This course is designed for people that are short on time & live busy lives. It is for people who prioritise their health and want (are ready) to make a change toward a healthier conscious lifestyle. After 12 years of a personal practice and study, she shares a simple understanding of how to create the conditions for the body & mind to un-stress, restore health and live with greater ease.

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What people say about Kari.

Authentic, trustworthy, humble, grounded, free spirited, realistic & accepting of all.


She naturally brings out the best of people, is inquisitive & insightful, has a positive outlook & an ability to see the bigger picture. Kari lives from her heart and with a sense of humour. She has faith in humanity and trust in nature. 


She teaches from experience and countless hours of learning from modern masters.