The key to long-term health and wellbeing is in the bodies' natural ability to heal itself.


A healthy, active life full of ease, relies on turning inward; connecting with the self and deliberately creating the conditions, the habits & the practices that support life.



Kari lives simply and consciously. A self proclaimed extroverted introvert, her love of people and creating connections come natural, but it is her passion for knowledge and creating a healthier way of living & being that give her purpose.  

Kari is an independent meditation teacher. She has consistently invested time & energy into meditation knowledge and holistic wellbeing practices. She draws her understanding from ancient wisdom, scientific research, accomplished masters, and direct experience. She teaches meditation and self health techniques in a way that are achievable and effective for all people to learn. She shares a simple understanding of how to effortlessly create the conditions for the body & mind to un-stress and restore health naturally.  


Her teaching is designed for people that are interested in going from who they are to who they would rather be in terms of their time, energy, health, consciousness, and happiness. The courses are for people who want an alternate or complimentary way to restore their health. For people who want to live a better life and to be a better version of themselves. Kari provides a holistic approach and guidance to ensure self sufficiency, and offers on-going support for people through the transformation that is an inevitable part of a regular meditation practice and journey to wellness.


Kari has faith in humanity and trust in nature. She believes that meditation is the most powerful gift that you can give yourself and that simple, natural routine habits are an essential aspect for good health, personal growth, and progressive change in the world. 


Kari teaches meditation & lifestyle habits to individuals who genuinely desire change, who are committed to their health and want to live a life of fulfilment.  She lives in Sydney, Australia.

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What people say about Kari.

Authentic, trustworthy, humble, grounded, free spirited, realistic & accepting of all.


She naturally brings out the best of people, is inquisitive & insightful, has a positive outlook & an ability to see the bigger picture. Kari lives from her heart and with a sense of humour.