Learn To Meditate.

This meditation course teaches you to meditate successfully on your own. Anywhere, anytime. 

Based on the wisdom of nature and backed by science, this effortless mantra based technique will connect you to your true self and bring more ease to your life. 

This course is for people who are new to meditation, wish to add to an existing practice or have interest in exploring new techniques. It is easy to do, and requires no previous experience or meditation knowledge. In this course, you will receive a universal mantra that is suitable for all people and a practice that you will have for life. You will learn to access deep states of rest and enjoy doing nothing.

          Day 1

Learn to Meditate 

Practice Together  

Discuss : Effortless Practice Techniques & Tips

Feedback & Questions 

            Day 2

Review Experience

Practice Together

Review : Effortlessness

Discuss : Stress Release, Stress Cycle and Emotional Processing Technique

Feedback & Questions

             Day 3

Review Experience

Practice Together

Review Effortlessness & Technique Processes

Discuss: Lifelong Benefits

of a Regular Practice

Feedback & Questions

Ongoing Support

3 x 90 minute sessions + daily practice

Learn to Meditate Course Outline

This learn to meditate course is available online & in person:

$500 ~ group course

$660 ~ private course

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