Vedic Meditation 

Vedic Meditation is a traditional style of learning that comes from the body of knowledge known as the Veda, which originated in India over 5,000 years ago. This course includes a ceremony of gratitude, receiving a personalised mantra, a deeper understanding of the process/mechanics of stress release, the expanding states of consciousness and stages of enlightenment. You will learn to go beyond the level of thought & access your Being. 

Designed to un-stress and purify the body & mind, this mantra based being technique is the optimal method for living & being. This practice allows stress to dissolve quickly, it expands your awareness and cognitions about the origins of Individual and Universal life. You will access deep states of rest, restore health and increase your consciousness. In this meditation one goes beyond the level of thinking and experiences a natural state of Being. There is no need to stop your mind from thinking or force your body to relax. You will learn to allow your thoughts, accept what is happening, and enjoy doing nothing.

Vedic Meditation is practiced effortlessly. It is done sitting comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed for 20 minutes, 2 times per day and can be practiced anywhere, anytime. The benefits are gained through regular and repetitive practice.

If tradition, purity and advanced knowledge are of importance or if you desire to expand an exisiting meditation practice and live to your full potential, this is the right course.

Vedic Meditation Course Outline

4 x 90 minutes sessions held over 4 consecutive days

Day 1

Ceremony of Gratitude

Receive Personal Mantra

Learn Vedic Meditation

Discuss : How to Practice

Review, Feedback & Questions

Day 2

Review Experience

Meditate Together

Discuss : How Mantra Works + Tips & Techniques for Effortless Practice

Review, Feedback & Questions

Day 3

Review & Refine Experience

Meditate Together

Discuss : How Meditation Eliminates Stress: The Mechanics of Stress Accumulation & Release.

Review, Feedback & Questions

Day 4

Review & Refine Experience

Meditate Together

Discuss : Levels/States of Consciousness & What to Expect Moving Forward

Schedule Follow - Up

Review, Feedback & Questions

This meditation course is available in person only.

The cost of this course is means based. 

The sliding course fee schedule is here

Wisdom for Life

Vedic Meditation integrates ancient wisdom into everyday life.  It is used to promote relaxation, create self awareness and connect you to your true nature. This useful technique gives you an effortless and direct way to experience deep inner contentedness and Bliss, and the power to transform your life.

What sets Vedic Meditation apart from other techniques is the personal instruction & in-depth knowledge, which delivers the teaching in its' purest form. The intricacies of the teaching are subtle and delicate. It requires no thought, no belief, no prior knowledge. Vedic Meditation will have a profound effect on your life; 

It will awaken your Being and simplify your living. Naturally.