The Art of Rest

 We all know when we are rested we feel better, we think better, we perform better and we are generally more fun to be around. Yet, many of us are so busy doing, we have forgot about being. We have forgotten the importance of rest.

The Art of Rest is a beginner level course to nurture your body and mind.  It is perfect for people who are new to meditation or simply want to start a lifestyle practice that will bring more harmony, balance and ease to life.  In this gentle, breath -based technique, you will learn to create the conditions required to settle your mind, relax your body and bring more ease to your life.

The Art of Rest is a practice of peace & serenity amid the surrounding chaos of life.

A weekly, daily or in the moment opportunity to be with yourself. When you take time to be with yourself, you become more like yourself. You become a better version of you. Naturally. There is nothing required to do this course.

The perfect conditions will be created.

 3 x 1 hour sessions + personal practice

Week 1

Learn the Art of Rest

Practice Together

Discuss : Why Rest is Important and Designing Time for & Scheduling Rest 

Techniques & Tips

Feedback & Questions

Week 2

Review Experience

Practice Together

Discuss: A Simple Understanding: The Difference Between Meditation, Rest and Sleep

Review Personal Practice

Feedback & Questions

Week 3

Review Experience

Practice Together

Discuss: Ongoing Benefits of Regular Rest & Moving Forward

Feedback & Questions

Ongoing Support

the Art of Rest Course Outline

This introductory course is available online & in-person:

$330 ~ private course

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Image by Tanaphong Toochinda
The natural antidote to stress is rest.

 Learn more about the benefits of deliberate rest & how to enjoy doing nothing. Naturally.