As a routine or in the moment practice, you will learn how to use deliberate rest & your breath as a tool to manage stress & promote deep relaxation.  Using the natural rhythm of the breath you will bring a quieter state to your mind and body. Learn to drop into peace, stillness, and bliss. Understand the benefits of deliberate rest & the capacity of the breath. Naturally.

The Art of Rest Course

Learn How Rest Dissolves Stress.

This 3 week introductory course includes:

  • The importance of deliberate rest

  • How rest dissolves stress

  • To be in the present moment

  • Deepen understanding of rest, sleep and meditation

  • The difference between good & bad stress

  • The benefits of a regular practice



  • A natural way to bring ease into life

  • A simple way to restore energy & relax your body & mind 

  • Effective breath techniques to meet the demands of daily life

  • What to do with over active mind & body and stay present

  • A practice perfect for you


  • 3 x 1 hour weekly sessions

  • Weekly review with Q & A

  • Weekly practice and refinement

  • Additional support to enhance the experience

  • Optional 21 day challenge that may change your life

  • Be sincere in your desire to learn

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