The Introductory Session.

Transform your life through meditation.

The first step in learning to meditate is to deepen your understanding.

Attend an introductory session to learn how & why meditation causes the body to un-stress,

and find out if this technique is right for you. 

Have your questions answered & your assumptions thwarted.

This session will cover…

Details of the Technique

When it comes to meditation, not all meditation is the same. There is a vast difference between techniques, types, styles and teachers. In this session, we will discuss the spectrum of meditation & you will gain insight into the what, why and how of effortless meditation and the importance & benefits of starting a daily practice.

Role Of Meditation
in Daily Life.

The primary role of meditation is to reduce stress and increase awareness to improve your capability to meet the demands of daily life. In this session, we will discuss how meditation activates the rest & relaxation response and helps the body un-stress. We also discuss the role meditation can play in optimising your overall health and wellbeing.​

Details of the Course

In addition to details of the technique and the role of meditation in daily life, this session will ultimately provide all the practical information (date, time, place, cost) of the course. The 30 - 45 minute introductory sessions are held on Monday (via zoom) at a time of your choosing and are the best way to connect with Kari. Alternate times are available, on request.​

These complimentary sessions are held in person or via zoom. 
Call 0401 692 560 or book online.